Why Do You Love Your Prescription Sports Sunglasses?

Why Do You Love Your Prescription Sports Sunglasses?

Do you know the secret of boosting performance in your chosen sports? It might be a pair of Prescription Sports Sunglasses. Your regular prescription glasses may fall flat in protecting your eyes as lenses of everyday eyewear are made of glass, which can shatter very easily -so it shouldn’t be worn on field, course or trail.

So what to wear while playing sports? Prescription Sports Sunglasses, eyewear that gives you an edge to edge clarity, protects your eyes from harmful UV rays, can take the hardest blow without shattering a piece.

As per the American Academy of Ophthalmology every year, 30,000 sports-related injuries are recorded and treated in the USA, and most of them are serious eye injuries which could be prevented using protective eyewear.

Wearing the right Prescription sports goggles can give enough protection to your eyes from fast-moving objects, wind, debris dust, sand, harmful UV rays. Even if you wear contact lenses while indulging sports, you’re still risking your eyes. Because, if debris touches your worn contact lenses, it may then trigger a severe eye irritation and other problems. If you invest in correct Prescription sports glasses, you literally can get your eyes protected from flashes of snow or water. Otherwise, your eyes could become sunburned, a condition called photokeratitis.  However, wearing RX sports glasses that are made up of polycarbonate lenses, which are heavy-duty can offer enough protection. 

What makes Prescription Sports Sunglasses Special?

Whether you ride a bicycle, play hockey, run or drive- there are sunglasses for specific sports with a correct prescription for safety and accurate vision.

Prescription sunglasses are very different from regular prescription glasses or sunglasses; they have unique features that make them not just comfortable, but convenient and safer from everyday eyewear.

 Checkout the unique features:

  1. RX sports glasses are made of polycarbonate lenses which make them highly durable impact resistant as well as light and comfortable to wear.
  2. The frame comes in two styles- one is wraparound, and the other is a regular frame style. Both are built to fit securely and stay in place when you move fast and sweat.
  3. Wraparound frames style ensure your eyes are covered from upper, lower and sides and that your vision is clear.
  4. Frame lenses come in different tints to filter out glare as well as the sunglasses adds clarity and contrast in a variety of light conditions.
  5. Specially tinted lenses are built to suit the different lighting conditions.
  6. The RX sports glasses have an anti-reflective coating and scratch-resistant coating, which makes them reliable for rough usage.
  7. The glasses also have no-fog feature as well as hydrophilic coating, which will enable you to see even when there is precipitation, humidity, or sweat.
  8. The sports glasses can be interchanged to suit the lighting conditions. While browsing on the online store, you can find the glasses with a spare lens. Otherwise, you have to buy them separately. However, if you have prescription glasses with a certain eye vision number, make sure the spare lens matches the same prescription.
  9. Prescription sports glasses are made with extra care, high-end technology and high-grade materials. Manufacturers use hydrophilic materials for the contact points of the arm and nose of the sports glasses. This material balloons up as it gets wet, preventing the sweat from entering the eyes and surrounding area.
  10. Prescription sports goggles are efficient in protecting your eyes on the dusty road, hill or through the woods. While riding your bike, your eyes are vulnerable to get hurt from foreign particles, dust and debris. Moreover, the constant flow of wind leaves the eye watery, and the dust in the eyes can disturb, which may lead to major accidents. But wearing good quality of safety goggles reduces the negative possibilities.
  11. Choosing lenses from RxSafetyGlassesCanada will offer you multiple options in lens tints. There are  several lenses in the choice that will help you to tailor your requirement for different sports activities as per your requirement. The polarized lens is popular as it effectively safeguards eyes from glares that are often experienced while driving, especially on uneven roads. Photochromatic lenses are an ideal option for different weather conditions. The tinted layer on the polycarbonate lens automatically changes depending on the surrounding light.

 For all age-groups

Prescription Sports glasses are not just limited for the use of grownups; they can be worn by children as well. Infact, the ratio of eye-related injuries in children during sport is more compared to adults. Almost 43% of sport-related eye injuries were in children younger than 15 years old. If your children wear prescription glasses, make sure you consult the ophthalmologist first to learn about the best protective sports eyewear option. 

In Summary

Investing in the right pair prescription sports sunglasses will help you in enhancing your performances, with correct visual acuity and comfort. Moreover, the overall experience of indulging in sports will be more enjoyable and stylish with trendy RX sports glasses.

 Browse RxSafetyGlassesCanada to find out what’s in store for your priceless eyes.