Why Let Your Kids Pick Their Own Prescription Glasses?

Why Let Your Kids Pick Their Own Prescription Glasses?

Have you tried buying prescription eyeglasses online for your kids as a gift and waited for days for them to be delivered to you, only to find out that your kids refuse to use their new eyewear simply because they don't like the design? Well, this can be quite frustrating and a bit odd, but this scenario really happens in real life.

Why let your kids pick their own prescription glasses?

Today's young generations are more independent and free-spirited that we used to be during our younger years. They have their own taste and preferences when it comes to fashion and style. Being stylish is very important for some kids. They tend to compare themselves with their friends and classmates at school. Traditional prescription glassesshapes, designs, and style tend to be less appealing to kids, in general.

Sometimes it can be very frustrating for both the kids and their parents to find the eyewear they want. There is nothing wrong with giving your children the freedom to choose the pair of prescription glasses to buy. They will be the one to wear them in the first place. But as parents, we must always be beside them to guide them and help them find the right pair that would best serve their purpose.

Choosing the right eyewear for your kid's face shape

Rectangular frame eyeglasses like Keira Rx kids glasses, Alex Rx kids glasses, and Bailey Rx kids glasses, which are available in colors yellow, orange, and blue, are among the most fashionable kid's glasses today. They are best for kids with oblong or round face shapes.

Levi Kids Rx eyeglasses which come in different colors for both boys and girls are also very fashionable for 2018. Aside from being very comfortable to use, their vibrant colors would definitely make your kids love these eyeglasses

If your kids have a square shaped face, pick something that balance out their angular facial features and soften their strong face shape. Eyeglasseswith curved and rounded corners like the Levi Kids Rx Glasses, Molly Kids Rx Glasses, Camilla Kids Glasses, and Alexis Kids Glasses are just some of the most fashionable cheap prescription glasses available in Cheap Glasses 123 that are perfect for kids with square and rectangular faces. For hear shaped faces, consider getting an eyewear that mimics the shape of the face. Sunglasses like Taylor Kids Rx Sunglasses will surely fit your kids' face shape.

More than the style, color, and design you must consider getting the glasses that have 100% UV protection to make sure your kids' eyes are protected from the harmful rays of the sun. By nature, children are playful. They run, jump and slide around the house and everywhere. They are not even afraid to try new things on their own. This is pretty normal for kids. With that being said, it pays to invest in an eyewear that's impact-resistant and scratch-resistant.