What are the Common Causes of Workplace Eye Injuries?

What are the Common Causes of Workplace Eye Injuries?

Most of the eye injuries at the workplace are the result of negligence. If proper safety protocols are implemented at the workplace then the risk of eye injury can be significantly reduced. By taking the following precautions, workers and employers can create a working environment that minimizes the risk of eye injury.

Hazard assessments should be performed regularly to reduce the possibility of an accident occurring in the workplace. Ensuring that all equipment is in perfect condition and other items such as machine guards and boiler covers are placed properly helps minimize the risk of workplace accidents.

The employer should provide quality protective eyewear and other safety equipment to the workers. An employer can collaborate with a company that provides best safety glasses, safety sunglasses, and prescription safety glasses.

Proper training should be given to the workers. Proper knowledge about the potential risk should be given to them.

A first aid kit should be placed where it can be easily reached in case of an emergency. All workplaces should also have saline eyewash and availability of clean water to minimize the damage when an accident occurs.


Prevention is better than cure. Workers must take all the necessary precautions to protect their eyes. From wearing high-quality safety glasses to being educated about the potential risks at the workplace help workers to perform daily tasks with minimum risk of injuries. 31 Dollar Glasses provides an extensive range of safety glasses and safety sunglasses to keep your eyes protected. We also provide perfect custom solution of prescription safety glasses for the workers who are already prescribed to wear glasses. Browse through our affordable range of safety glasses and place your order.