What is the meaning of ANSI Z87.1 Certified?

What is the meaning of ANSI Z87.1 Certified?

Wearing safety glasses is necessary while performing tasks that can potentially damage your eyes. Whether you are working at a construction site, manufacturing unit, or you are working on a home improvement project, wearing safety glasses is essential to prevent minor to severe eye injuries.

Those who are prescribed to wear glasses often avoid wearing safety glasses considering their regular glasses as safety gear. Those who work in a risky environment and have the compulsion to wear safety glasses, either choose to wear non prescription safety glasses or wear two pairs of glasses at once. The discomfort that comes along with doubling up the glasses or wearing only safety glasses without a prescription, increases the risk of worksite accidents. Workers who are already prescribed to wear glasses should opt for prescription safety glasses to achieve safety and clear vision while doing risky tasks.

Safety glasses are manufactured considering various aspects, but all safety glasses are required to meet ANSI standards. These standards set the criteria for testing, marking, using, and maintaining safety eyewear to prevent eye injuries. 

What Are The General Requirements For ANSI Z87.1?

Most people are not aware of what ANSI Z87.1 document includes and so they are not fully aware of what this certification covers. ANSI Z87.1 certification system is based on various types of hazards encountered at the workplace. The standards help in choosing the right safety eyewear to protect eyes against specific risks in the workplace.


The most common risks involved are:


Splashes and droplets

Blunt impact

Small dust particles


Today, most safety glasses manufacturers provide product information which includes how the products meet these safety standards. Previously only lenses with certain thicknesses are considered safe, but now even the thinner lenses that pass through the high-impact testing requirements are considered safe to wear at the workplace. 

The testing process

ANSI Z87.1 certified safety glasses go through several intensive testing processes to ensure that they are ideal to protect eyes against multiple workplace hazards. These tests include:

Basic testing for lenses and frames

High-impact testing for lenses and frames

Durability against corrosion and flammables

Exposure to chemicals and non-ionizing radiations

It is important to note that all the non-safety rated eyewear cannot even pass the basic-impact tests. And considering that, it is now mandatory to wear safety glasses at the workplace.

What Are The Product Markings?

After updates in 2015, the ANSI Z87.1 standard marking for lens and frame is required to be easy to understand. With this marking, a consumer can easily select the product with increased assurance about the safety levels the product offers. The product markings can be identified in the following way.

The marking of “Z87” on the side of the frame is the basic impact rating. The high-velocity impact rating reads “Z87+”. For the protection against dust, there is a D4 marking and for splash and droplets D3. When there is a "W" plus the shade number, it is considered ideal for wearing while performing welding tasks. "U" plus the scale number is for protection against UV rays, while "R" plus the scale number is for protection against infrared light.

What are the marking requirements for Rx safety glasses

Rx safety glasses are required to have manufacturer's mark or logo on the frame or lens, “+” symbol on the lenses for its impact resistance rating, Z87-2+ on the frame, and Z87+ on detachable side shields if equipped. All safety markings for ANSI Z87.1 safety glasses must be marked on the frame or lens. This marking requirement is for safety glasses, face shields, and also for goggles.

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ANSI Z87.1 is the required certification for safety eyewear. The certification ensures that the glasses are manufactured considering several risks of eye injuries at the workplace, such as protection against, dust, radiation, blunt impact, etc. If you are already prescribed to wear safety glasses then wearing prescription safety glasses is recommended for protecting eyes and enhancing clear vision.