What To Look For In An Ideal Pair Of Prescription Golf Sunglasses

What To Look For In An Ideal Pair Of Prescription Golf Sunglasses

So your golf game is strong, but your deceptive vision is being a hindrance? The shining sun may be keeping you from seeing par or probably when you are on the fairway just about to hit an ace, and your sunglasses fall off your face, that is catastrophic. It is essential to buy the pair of best golf sunglasses to keep your composure and eyes in check and ensure your game is up to par. Read on to find out what you must look for in your ideal pair of golf sunglasses.

Frame technology

  • Grip

    The grip is a crucial factor in any pair of prescription golf glasses. Good grip of sunglasses helps keep the frames optically aligned throughout your game. Many sports sunglasses frames usually feature rubberized grip on the temples and nose pads to keep the frames more secure and prevent them from moving around on your swing.

  • Lightweight frame

    As you will be wearing your golf sunglasses to the game, you would need them to be lightweight, so you feel comfortable even through a long game. While looking for frames that weigh less, make sure you look out for sunglasses made of nylon or other lightweight yet durable materials. We would also recommend you to avoid buying metal frames because they are not as durable and can easily distract you from the game.

  •  Straight temples

    The great thing about straight temples is that you do not have to keep adjusting them constantly as they work well with a hat and stay in place, which makes them excellent for golf sunglasses.

  • Fit

    You will want to buy the best golf sunglasses available that provide the most comfort to you on and maybe even off the golf course. The perfect fit for your golf glasses makes it super comfortable for you. Rubberized nose pads and temples are the elements that will surely add to the level of comfort you desire. Straight and slim temples make your golf sunglasses fit more comfortably underneath the hat, and adjustable nose pads are a great add-on. The sunglasses are more likely to stay in place with these components in your pair of golf glasses and maintain a comfortable fit all day on the course.

    Lens technology

  • Impact-resistant materia

    Although there is no such risk of a golf ball hitting your face like with other sports, it is still wise to consider a lens that can take a hit. The lens material we recommend would be polycarbonate and trivex. Avoid buying glass lenses at all costs. Glass lenses tend to be much heavier and more expensive, and these sunglasses would not be as comfortable over a long period of time.

  • Mirror coating

    Mirror coating on the lenses serves the dual purpose of reflecting excess light away from the lens and looking stylish. Mirror coated lenses work best for you, especially when you live in a sunny area; a darker base tint and a mirror coating will help protect your eyes from the sun. However, keep in mind that mirror coating and the lens tint are different colors, which means that the sunglasses appear one color from the outside, and while looking through the lens, you will see a different color than that.

  • Polarized lenses

    Polarized lenses cut out the glare that sunlight causes when bounced off reflective surfaces. Although polarized lenses are great, there are still downsides to having them for golf. Many golfers will notice their depth perception is thrown off. You will see, not many prescription golf glasses are polarized, yet some golfers prefer to have them. Eventually, it comes down to what you feel most comfortable with on the golf course.

  • Coverage

    An ideal pair of prescription golf glasses will have a full wrap that offers the best coverage and blocks sunlight from every direction. The full coverage keeps your eyes protected throughout your game. A wraparound frame also comes with an enhanced peripheral vision, which is another add on when you are out on the course.

  • Contrast-enhancing tint

    Lenses with contrast-enhancing tint provide the contrast needed to enhance depth perception, which allows you to read the greens with maximum clarity. Finding a pair of golf sunglasses with contrast-enhancing lenses is a key factor in finding ideal golf sunglasses. Go for tints like rose copper or brown, and for those who want a lighter color for cloudier weather can opt for Amber as well.

  • Bifocal/progressive lenses

    One of the common questions that arise in buyers' minds regarding prescription golf glasses is whether or not to buy bifocal or progressive lenses. And the answer to that question is that it depends on an individual golfer. 

    Some golfers find it hard to wear progressives or bifocals on the golf course as the lens's reading area disrupts their vision clarity when they look down at the ball. For such golfers, we would recommend going with a single vision lens, with that it may become easier to read the scorecard as easily. Finding the middle ground with this trade-off is more beneficial than compromising the performance.


Take a few strokes off of your game with an ideal pair of prescription golf glasses. You are all set to buy the right pair of sunglasses with these tips and now you won’t have to compromise your vision with prescription-made golf sunglasses exclusively from 31DollarGlasses