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Swimming Goggles

Prescription Swimming Goggles

Buy prescription swimming goggles from 31 Dollar Glasses, your online source for high quality, affordable sports glasses. With our prescription swimming goggles, you will experience the kind of comfort and clear vision that every swimmer needs. Swimming with wearing regular goggles simply can't offer you as clear a view underwater. Whether you are a professional swimmer or want to enjoy your pool during the summer, the only way to keep your eyes unaffected by chlorine and maintain crystal-clear vision is to wear our custom-fit prescription swimming goggles.


Elliot Rx Swimming Goggles Black

Frame Fit:Medium


Lens Height:30

Total Width:145


About Swimming Goggles

Buy Prescription Swimming Goggles From 31 Dollar Glasseslasses At Affordable Price

Having clear vision is a key element of any good swim. Those who wear prescription glasses in the everyday life are usually forced to make a compromise when the hit the water, sacrificing a clear view out of necessity, since their goggles are not custom made. No more! At CA Glasses, our skilled technicians provide precise customization of prescription swimming goggles. We use high quality, durable lenses that keep your eyes protected and your vision sharp while you're underwater.

Each pair of swimming goggles comes with superior quality, shatter-resistant prescription lenses. There are several options available, including tinted lenses that are glare-free. Besides a clear view, our high-quality swimming goggles also provide excellent protection from UVA and UVB radiation. We offer an affordable and practical solution for prescription swimming goggles for swimmers.

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