6 Common mistakes that people do while buying prescription safety glasses

6 Common mistakes that people do while buying prescription safety glasses

Eye injuries at work zones are a very common problem. According to The American Optometric Association and NIOSH, approximately 2,000 U.S. workers suffer eye injuries almost every day. The cut in eyes or damage in the cornea can cause from severe injuries to permanent vision loss.  Therefore, gearing up with Prescription safety glasses is a crucial measure to ensure the safety of eyes, especially for professionals who work in an industrial environment. The eyes are vulnerable to many injuries caused by hot splashes of chemicals, grease,  exposure to infrared radiation,  flying sawdust in a heavy-duty work zone or  may be acquiring infection with a plash of contaminated blood at a  hospital. Therefore, wearing an appropriate pair of safety eyewear is important.

Choosing the right pair of safety eyewear is another important step. Exploring & buying glasses online undoubtedly brings convenience to customers, but sometimes due to ignorance or misinformation customers tend to pick a wrong product.

Here are the common mistakes that people do while buying prescription safety glasses online

1. Safety glasses unsuitable to a defined working condition

First thing before buying prescription safety glasses, is to understand the potential eye safety hazards that you’re likely to confront at the workstation. Every workplace has different sets of tasks & unique lighting conditions. Depending on these two factors purchases should be made but some customers while buying safety glasses fails to abridge their purchase with what is required and end up buying underperforming glasses needed for a specific working condition.  

All jobs have a particular style of working. Some jobs need you to work on the field and others need you to remain indoors.  If your work demands you to be on the field, then right choice would be buying pair of safety eyewear with a grey base. On the other hand, if your role majorly relies on working from indoors, then you should go for glasses that have brown, amber tint and copper base. Choosing the right pair of eyewear can help in reducing strain on your eyes and boost your output at work.

2. Prescription safety glasses fitted with polarized lenses

Polarized glasses are chemically treated lenses that block the sunlight. The usage of these lenses in regular prescribed eyewear is great. However, prescription safety glasses with polarized lenses are generally not recommended because it can make difficult for the wearer to read LCD screens.

3. Buying a wrong safety frame

Picking up a wrong safety eyewear can take toll on your eyes. The frame of prescription safety glasses should be carefully selected, acknowledging the nature of your job. There are multiple types of safety frames. You can choose a traditional frame which resembles to a regular eyewear but has a thick shield that protects particles from passing into your eyes. The other frames are wraparound, which have a sleek design that covers centre and sides of your eyes. Normally, wraparounds are comparatively safer than traditional eyewear frames as it closely protect your eyes.

4. Buying ill-fit pair of safety eyewear 

The human anatomy of  persons differ from each other. Some have broad shaped head others may have narrow one. Wearing a loose fit safety eyewear can cause slippage whereas too tight fit can pinch hard and cause discomfort. Hence, choosing the right fit is necessary, it will not just protect your eyes but will also facilitate you with comfort to carry it all day long.

5.  Protective eyewear that doesn’t comply with ANSI standards

There are multiple variants of prescription safety glasses online but not all heavy shielded lenses comply with defined standards of ANSI. So, while purchasing, customers are often fooled about the standardization of protective eyewear and they are generally sold fashion standardized eyewear with polycarbonate or trivex makeup. Therefore, it is important for a customer to always keep in mind to buy a glass that complies with ANSI Z87.1 of industry standards. ANSI marking ensures that the eyewear has been properly tested and complies with the norms formed for industrial safety.

6 Aesthetics & Comfort both matters

The comfort and appearance of your protective glasses are essential. Nobody would enjoy working for hours with a pair of heavy, uncomfortable glasses. So,  look wisely for eyewear that’s light in weight, easy to carry, and has been designed ergonomically to be worn for extended periods. There are a plethora of stylish and attractive frames in the market. You can choose designs as per your face’s shape and size.  Customers often prioritize aesthetics over safety and comfort but doing that will only hamper the purpose. 

By avoiding these common mistakes you can buy the right product that can help you in the long run, ensure safety and facilitate you to work with efficiency and comfort. At 31DollarGlasses, you can explore a wide range of prescription safety eyewear made with lenses of superior quality and buy them at affordable prices.