Audit For The Basic Workplace Eye Safety

Audit For The Basic Workplace Eye Safety

The process of gathering information in order to assess the risks and hazards in the workplace is called a safety audit. Safety officers perform this audit to evaluate effectiveness, reliability, and efficiency of the organization's safety systems. It is an assurance that organizations comply with safety regulatory requirements for preventing work-related accidents, injuries, and fatalities.

As a responsible employer, practicing workplace eye safety is a great way to ensure the health of the employees. Safety glasses are a significant part of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), Rx safety glasses from 31DollarGlasses make are a great choice to keep the eyes of the workers safe.

However, despite providing prescription safety glasses to your staff, you will need to have an eye safety audit in place in order to identify hazards in the workplace and make sure that safety regulations are being followed.

Go through your current audit

If you already have an audit regarding eye safety, you should go through it for accuracy and compliance with updated safety regulations and measures. Look through it and if you find it outdated and lacking, review updated rules, regulations, and guidelines from regulators like OSHA.

Identify Workplace Hazards

Every day, several eye injuries occur in US workplaces as per a report. They may vary significantly in degree of severity and in the way they occur. Protecting your workers and assuring them a safe work environment requires different strategies depending on the type of hazard present at the workplace.

Determine what kind of hazards exist in your workplace both indoors and outdoors. Workplace hazards exist in the forms of projectiles, dust, splashes, dirt, and foreign objects. For instance, when workers perform tasks like welding, they have to contend with only particles still; the dangers like UV exposure are there that can cause damage to their eyes. Identifying workplace hazards is having half of your job done. It will help you take precautions more accurately. So let us have a look at some common workplace hazards that can potentially cause harm to the eyes of workers.

1 Heat

Workers exposed to high temperatures, splashes of molten metal, or hot sparks face the potential risk of getting heat injuries like burns to the eyes or around the eyes. According to OSHA, workers should be required to wear safety glasses or goggles when exposed to heat hazards. Select the glasses considering the source and intensity of the heat.

2 Dust

Dust can be one of the unavoidable irritants in many workplace environments. It is most dominant in operations like buffing and woodworking. Dusty environments are prone to cause eye injuries and present hazards to the contact lens wearers. In dusty workplaces, employers should opt for safety glasses with side shields, which will act as a protective seal around the eyes. It is also essential to provide Rx safety glasses to the employees that need them.

3 Impact

Impact hazards at a workplace include the presence of flying objects like particles, fragments, chips, dirt, and sand. These hazards are present in workplaces where work like chipping, machining, grinding, sawing, drilling, chiseling, sanding, masonry work, woodworking, powered fastening, and riveting is involved. These minute objects or sparks can cause severe eye damage like abrasions, punctures, and contusions.

Choose Supreme quality Prescription Safety Glasses

Providing ANSI certified and OSHA compliant prescription safety glasses are essential in taking care of your workers' eye safety. When you look for them in bulk, make sure you do not go for a manufacturer that sells the glasses with a "one-size-fits-all" concept. Each employee is unique, and hence they would require frames that fit them properly and provides the needed protection against the hazards they face. The safety gear has to be comfortable to the wearer for it to be used. Buy ANSI rated prescription safety glasses online from 31DollarGlasses. Our supreme quality safety glasses keep the eyes of the workers shielded and safe with full eye coverage.

Implement policies and Educate Employees

Lastly, educate your employees on the use and benefits of safety eyewear. Enforce the policies to have safety measures at your workplace. Arrange a meeting with your employees to discuss the benefits of eye safety and the importance of having safety eyewear on at all times on work.

It is also your job to ensure that management and administration understand and follow eye safety regulations. Employees will be more likely to wear safety glasses when they see management following the safety eyewear guidelines religiously.


Eye injuries are prone to happen in workplaces, and workers are often required to wear protective eyewear while entering job sites, and it can be daunting to find the perfect fit for each employee. However, 31DollarGlasses make the job easier for you by offering easy-to-wear and high quality prescription safety glasses, which will allow your employees to work comfortably under complete protection.