Top FAQS related to Prescription Sports Glasses

Top FAQS related to Prescription Sports Glasses

Prescription Sports Glasses are designed to provide safety and comfort to the wearer during any physical activity, especially during sports like- swimming, running, cycling, skiing, etc. In most of the sports, vision plays an essential role in performance. Even if your eyesight is 20/20, you still need a glass that can reduce glare and enhance the true colors which can help you see better.

Sports glasses are usually made from polycarbonate materials that are ten times sturdier and impact-resistant than traditional glasses which are generally made of plastic or glasses. Polycarbonate materials absorb the impact effectively without hurting the eyes.
Additionally, the lenses provide 100% UV protection from the sun and are coated with a scratch-resistant chemical, making it perfect for rough use. Sports glasses can be used by both people with specific prescriptions and people without it.


1 How are prescription sports glasses different from regular glasses?

Prescription sports glasses come with a particular type of lenses that are not only strong but provide advanced vision to the wearers. The frame encases polycarbonate lenses that offer an anti-glare and polarized coating to give clear vision and impact resistance. Additionally, they provide complete protection to the eyes. At the same time, regular eyewear uses highly fragile glass lenses.

2 Why do I need to wear sports glasses?

If you or your children wear regular glasses during sports activity, then you are prone to severe eye-related accidents as these lenses can shatter even with light impact. However, wearing sports glasses can lower the risk of eye injuries, and help in enhancing the sports performance while keeping eyes safe.

Prescription Sports Glasses generally cost more than the regular glasses but the benefits outweigh the costs.  

3 For which sports you can use sports eyewear?

You can use sports glasses for multiple physical activities like- running, swimming, skiing, driving, boating, hockey, golf, cycling, etc.

4 How to ensure if sports eyewear is impact resistant?

All the sports glasses offered by 31DollarGlasses undergo rigorous testing and are marked ANSI Z87 standard, which approves the quality and durability of resisting heavy projectiles. 

5 Is there variety in sports glasses?

CA offers a wide range of Prescription Sports Glasses to accommodate the need of players. You can find a different kind of frame – wraparounds, goggles to suit your style and requirements. We also offer options in colors, lens and sizes.  

6 Why is anti-reflection coating used in sports eyewear?

AR coating reduces unwanted reflection whilst improving the aesthetics of lenses. With less reflection, more light passes through lenses of the eye which improves the vision and the lenses look more transparent and attractive. Anti-reflection coating is also often applied to the rear surface of sun-lenses. 

7 Which tint glasses should I buy?

There are multiple tints available in the market, but it depends which activity you are buying sports sunglasses for. Dark amber, copper or brown works well for golf, basketball, hunting and skiing as the tints absorb the high amount of blue light. Whereas yellow or orange tints can be useful in absorbing the bright light of the sun, therefore, they are suitable for running, cycling or driving. 

8 How thick will be my Prescription Sports Glasses?

A lot of variables affect the final thickness of the lenses- frame size, lens material, prescription strength and pupil distance.

9 How do I return the frame?

31DollarGlasses offers frames that are warranted against the manufacturing defects. Additionally, we offer 30 days of risk-free refund in case you don’t find the product appropriate for you. 

10 What materials are used to make frames?

Most of our frames are built using high-grade nylon material, and the rubber is made of hypoallergenic material.

11 Which materials are used to make lenses?

All lenses are made from a high-quality polycarbonate material, tinted (color) and coatings applied to enhance sport-specific activities. All 31DollarGlasses lenses are UV400/100% UV Protection.

12 How do I know if it fits right on me?

The easy way to understand if the sports eyewear fits appropriately is to be able to see in all directions without significant obstruction. The overall weight of the glass should be distributed equally between the eyes and nose so that frames feel lightweight. Additionally, the lens should be closer to your face but should not touch your eyelash. 

13 How do you play in prescription sports glasses?

Prescription sportswear ideally should be fitted well to allow freedom in movement while playing any kind of sports. To achieve the right fit, tighten the wraparound straps as per your comfort.


Giving adequate protection to eyes is necessary for overall health. By wearing Prescription sports glasses, you will not only protect your eyes but will be more focused with clear vision. 

At 31DollarGlasses you can avail an extensive range of rx sports glasses in different designs, sizes and colors. You can also look for eyewear for specific sports. 

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