Aviator Eyeglasses

Aviator Eyeglasses

The Best Aviator Glasses Frames

Finding the right pair of glasses for you can be a frustrating task. As Aviator glasses are so common with a plethora of variations, it can be difficult to find a pair that you like and that fits you properly.

Whether you're looking for new prescription glasses or just a pair of shades, you can use this guide to find the right glasses for you.

Each of the featured glasses below has been tested by us among at least 20 different pairs. We also include as much information as possible with regards to their size, customization and other considerations.

Furthermore, most are available as clear glasses or sunglasses with prescription lenses.

About Aviator Eyeglasses

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What's old is new again. Moving beyond just sunglasses, aviator eyeglasses are making a full comeback, with today's top celebrities and trendsetters sporting this tear-drop shape for everyday wear. Aviator eyeglasses provide the perfect balance for those with wider foreheads and angular features, including square and heart face shapes. At Coastal, you'll find aviator glasses frames in an array of colors and materials, including both plastic and metal, from some of our top designer frames.